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The Fall of Rallys Factory-это игра-головоломка ужасов, в которой Вы будете в роли Уильяма Миллигана, который ищет выход из заброшенной фабрики роботов



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The second episode is now avaliable on itch.io https://crystalfoxgames.itch.io/the-fall-of-rallys-factory-episode-2

I Think this game could have good potential, I like that it's in black and white!


Episode 1 playthrough completed & whilst I think it has alot of potential, the games glaring issues make it difficult to enjoy. The monster needed more screen time as this was the highlight of the playthrough.

Be sure to make it that the monster stalks you continuously in chapter 2. Don't rush & good luck.

The inspirations from Bendy are clear, but there are many bugs and just overall weird design choices that push me away from the game. The first time I played it I actually was able to trigger the Find The Exit objective multiple times, overwriting what my actual objective way. Being able to see out of the map in many areas, triggering the voice recording repeatedly causing an echo, and other small bugs build up into some major complains. I played it as the 3rd game in my video, at 16:20.

Interesting game! Wish I could play the other episodes! Looking forward to them! 

Gave it a go...

Played this for a random indie horror game and thought it was pretty decent. I give full in-depth review at the end of my video if you're looking for feedback! 

Really well done! I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what you do next. I did run into a bug of sorts, and I managed to get outside the map and had to start over.

seems legit

Cool game. I did accidentally find a way out of the map.

This game is awesome atmosphere is actually very good i really liked it keep it up! i hope u enjoy my gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg2QjTpV1yM&feature=youtu.be


Great Job, I am still looking forward to the 2nd part of the game.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer